Assembly & Ultrasonic Welding


Assembly of components

Most of our production processes end with assembly. This is because we not only produce individual precision parts, but also assemble them into individual devices and ready-to-install assemblies. Modern workstations, where both simple and complex assemblies are carried out, are a matter of course. The fine mechanical sensitivity of our employees as well as permanent functional tests and documentation allow us to meet the high quality demands of our customers.

The team of J. Reinhold GmbH also assembles complete special machines and puts them into operation without any problems. Our customers range from the automotive industry to the sport shooting industry and the aerospace industry.


Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is joining without gluing, screwing or external heat input. The materials are selectively melted by means of ultrasonic vibration and joined with a positive or material-locking fit. As an economical production method with fast cycle times, ultrasonic welding offers high process control and reproducible quality. We are happy to offer the assembly of these respective components in our company.